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How to use SnoreDoc

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Snoring is obviously a problem that can affect your health. If you are obese, this might be the reason for your snoring. Obese people snore because they have more fat deposited around their neck and throat. These fat deposits will narrow the airway and causes the air to hit the soft palate at the rear end of the throat causing them to vibrate. This vibration of soft palate creates the snoring sound that you hear. The best method that you can use to stop snoring is to reduce a few pounds and thus the fat deposits will disappear gradually and widen the airway. However, this alone cannot be treated as a solution to stop snoring in obese people. In addition to reducing body weight, it is equally important to start using some snoring aids that can help you get rid of the snoring.

Before we start discussing about the snoring aids, let us find the different factors that can cause snoring in obese people.


The sleeping posture of an obese person is another factor that can cause snoring. When you sleep on your back, your lower jaw drops backwards and this can block the airway. This can be rectified by choosing sleeping pillows that will help you sleep on your side. Side sleeping will prevent the dropping of lower jaw and hence you can sleep comfortably without any snoring.

Nose Breathing

Obese people can also encounter trouble while breathing through the nose. The nasal passage can get clogged due to the presence of excess mucus and this can also hinder the airway. Using snoring aids like nasal strips or nasal sprays can eliminate such snoring.

Custom-moldable mouthpiece

                            Various snoring aids

Even though all these factors contribute to the snoring in obese people, it can be eliminated using an effective snoring remedy called SnoreDoc.

SnoreDoc Snore Stop mouthpiece

SnoreDoc is a custom moldable mouthpiece, which can be molded by following the instructions available with the purchase. You can dip the mouthpiece in boiling water and allow it to boil for 2 to 3 minutes. You can then take the device out of the water and bite it hard so that imprint of your teeth falls on the soft inner core of the mouthpiece. You can wear it before going to sleep and the regular use of SnoreDoc for 4 to 6 months will eliminate your snoring problem.

You can click here to place order for SnoreDoc. It cost only $49.99 along with shipping and handling charges.

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